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Splashjet - Introduction


Splashjet Print Technologies is manufacturer of quality Inkjet Inks. Borne out of passion about the Inkjet Technology, Splashjet has differentiated itself with High Performance Inkjet Inks! Established in 2006, Splashjet has wealth of experience in the field of Inkjet Printing & Diverse Applications of the Inkjet Technology.


Splashjet inks are result of careful selection of colorants, proven ink design, understanding of print-head technology & consideration for intended substrates. The inks are developed by highly qualified team backed up by sophisticated laboratory set-up. Splashjet’s “Iterative Development Methodology” converts the designed ink into real product. Strict control on Physical & Chemical parameters keeps the inks in line with Design Specifications. Inks are put to Color Quality, Thermal Stability & Chemical Compatibility tests as per the Design. All inks made by Splashjet go through stringent Application Tests to ensure ink performance in actual usage environments. The inks have to pass various Jet-ability, Run-ability, Media Fixation tests to qualify as a Splashjet Ink.


Splashjet manufactures the inks in Clean Room Environment with minimum human intervention. A manufacturing process is controlled by in process quality checks. Inks are approved for packaging only after elaborate Quality Checks & Actual Application Tests. Automated Packaging set up prevents the inks from any type of contamination. Splashjet is well aware of its responsibility towards the Mother Earth. Our certifications of ISO 9001: 2008 QMS & ISO 14001: 2003 EMS are testimony to this commitment.


Splashjet Inkjet Inks are Performance Inkjet Inks with amazing consistency & reliable quality. Splashjet offers its products at very competitive value to make sure you stay ahead of the competition. Splashjet is a customer focused organization. Customer satisfaction through quality products is the driving force of Splashjet. Splashjet is proud to have a satisfied & growing customer base across the World.

Experience the Splashjet way of “Colouring Your World!!!”


Splashjet offers diverse range of inkjet inks for DesktopLFP, Textile & Industrial Applications. Splashjet is deeply involved in various types of inkjet technology offerings such as Dye, Pigment, Solvents & Energy Curable inks.


Industrial Inkjet Inks – CIJ Printer Inks, Coding and Marking Inks, Ink for Inkjet Press, etc.

  • CIJ Printer Ink
  • Ink for Coding and Marking printers
  • Ink for Large Character Printers
  • Pigment Ink for Inkjet Press 
  • Ink for Inkjet Label Press, etc..


Textile Inkjet Inks – Disperse dye ink, DTG Inks - Pigment inks, DTP Inks, etc.

  • Disperse Dye Ink for Direct Fabric Printing
  • Textile Ink - Reactive Ink for Digital Textile
  • Textile Ink - Acid Ink for Digital Textile
  • Textile Ink - Pigment Ink for DTG Printer.


Large Format Inks – Inks For Epson LFP Cartridge, Canon Ink Cartridge, HP Plotters, etc.

  • Photo-Jet ®  - Premium Quality Dye ink for Inkjet Plotters Cartridges
  • Dura-Jet ® - Pigment Ink for Large format printer cartridge
  • Super-Sub ™ - Dye Sublimation Ink for Digital Printing.
  • Inks Available For HP Plotters, Epson Plotters and Canon Plotters.


Desktop Inks – Bulk Inks for Epson, Canon, HP, Brother, Lexmark, etc


Our Strength is R&D and Application Testing Facility which allows us to keep up with the fast growing Inkjet Industry and new print-heads. We produce specific inkjet inks for various printers to meet exact specification requirement of various printers. 


We are client centric organisation and has adopted innovative procedures and practises to meet customer expectations every time they deal with us. We always welcome any feedback or suggestions from clients in order to serve them better. With our Customer First approach, we make sure that every customer gets support and technical assistance to utilise product potential and maximise its product life.