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Ink Selection Guide

Types Of Inkjet Inks:-


A. Water based Inks

  1. Dye Ink
  2. Pigment Ink
  3. Sublimation Ink
  4. Art Paper Ink
  5. Digital Textile Ink (Acid, Reactive, Disperse, Pigment)


B. Eco -Solvent / Solvent Ink

  1. Eco-Solvent / Solvent Inks for Signage application
  2. Eco-solvent ink for Flatbed Printer
  3. Eco-solvent / Solvent ink for Coding Application


C. UV-Curable

  1. For Soft Media
  2. For Hard Media


D. Oil Based Inkjet ink

  1. For Signage
  2. For Coding
  3. For Duplicators



Choose your Ink based on Below Consideration:-

  1. Print-head Type and Printer Electronics 
  2. Media / paper to be printed
  3. Dry speed / Ink Drying Mechanism
  4. Desired Resolution
  5. Desired Wash Resistance / Light fade resistance
  6. Desired Colour accuracy and Gamut Requirement
  7. Rub Resistance / Scratch Resistance
  8. Other Application Related Parameters


You can share information about above aspects with our technical experts for exact recommendation on info@splashjet.co.in and our team will be glad to suggest best suitable match.